Tuesday, October 23, 2012

12 reasons

A helpful guide to identify if you. or someone you know. is an asshole about beer.

When your best friend raves about her new favorite beer, Summer Shanty, and you roll your eyes. You might be an asshole about beer.

 When you ask the waiter to see the craft beer list, and the highlights are: Blue Moon, Shock Top, Sam Adams and a token Bells, and you roll your eyes.  You might be an asshole about beer. (note Bells is awesome, but come on, pathetic!)

 When you know what year your favorite craft or import was bought out by big beer, and now refuse to drink beer from those sell outs, . . you might be an asshole about beer.

You freak out when the bartender brings you a frosted glass for anything other than a Farmhouse ale, (just kidding, you NEVER drink craft beer, even a farmhouse ale,  out of a frosted glass! - god im such an asshole about beer!)

 If you have more than 3. Ok 4. Ok 8 types of beer glasses and use them all. Guess what? yep. (if you just realized as you typed this that some people might not realize that different TYPES of beers go in different TYPES of glasses and that this is IMPORTANT INFORMATION -oh god. I'm such an asshole)

 If you "let" someone drink one of your good beers, and they try to drink it out of the bottle instead of the proper glass, at the proper temperature and you scream "you are desecrating the BEER!"  Well you might be crazy. But if you have a silent panic attack. You are an asshole about beer.

If you are really digging a guy, and still rip his favorite beer, not only are you an asshole about beer, but you should probably buy a bigger box of batteries.

If you have the Find Craft Beer app and plan your trips, hotels and restaurants around it when you travel, you are an asshole about beer.

 If you know absolutely, that you could never date a guy who calls Budweiser his favorite beer . .  well thats just good sense.

 If you are a total beer snob but can still justify drinking high-life. Well you're an asshole about beer and a hypocrite.

If you are writing this blog... Well yes, I'm an asshole about beer.

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  1. AHAHAHAHA, well done. You ARE such an asshole about beer. But I love you anyway. :)