Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1000 times a day.

The thing about this. Is there is no answer. No one thing you can say "yes! That's it! Fix it!". Because life is just not that easy. In 5 days the range of emotions has been so vast. From literally howling with grief on my living room floor, to waking up saying "god damn, I can do this.". Done it before. Can do it again.

I sat in a client meeting today. At a place where they sell good beer. And the fucking taps got me. Squished up my formerly cold black heart. It hurt.

I miss him. But I don't know, sometimes I'm not sure what we were thinking. Trying this.

I only know, I loved him. I love him. And I had hoped for the Disney ending.

I forgot my own line.

Life isn't a fucking fairytale, and walt was a lying bastard.

All i know. Is i have a life. And I'm gonna do my best to live it.


  1. You've got your eyes open for the next adventure, and I know you'll live it to the fullest. Love you, girl.

  2. sometimes i believe this to be true. mostly, it just hurst like fucking hell.