Friday, January 13, 2012

writers block

i keep thinking i should be writing. but i cant seem to write.  but i can talk about soup. i could eat nothing but soup and be perfectly fine with that. I dont know why that is, i know a lot of people who dont like soup. i just. love soup.

so the other night I got home and i had no kids and no plans and was feeling pretty anxiety ridden, so the only thing to do at that point is cook. and since right now i'm existing on soup, cereal and svedka, soup it was! But i wasnt in the mood for my usual veggie soup. I wanted POTATO soup. Nice hearty soup. Nice fill up my belly soup. I've never made it. But figured i'd throw some things together and see what happened. and good things happened.

here is the recipe:

olive oil
one large sweet potato
one medium white potato
one onion
2 large cloves garlic
1 1/2 c. veggie broth
1 1/2 c. 2% milk
generous squeeze of yellow mustard
quick shake of red pepper flakes
liberal shake of parsley flakes
dash of cumin
dash of coriander

I have a nice old school stock pot i found at salvation army for 2$ that i love. (just thought i'd brag).

i sliced the potatoes pretty thin on my kick ass Pampered Chef slicer (it has multiple blades, i love it).
since the slicer was already out i just sliced the onion as well, nice and fine.
I put a small dash of olive oil and about a tb of butter (only butter. real butter) in the pan and threw in the onion and potatoes and sautéed that until the onions were translucent.  used my garlic press for two nice large fat cloves and let that saute for a few more minutes. dont. burn garlic. its terrible if over cooked.

then i added the veggie broth. then the milk. then i added dried mustard. which was from the early 90's and had bugs in it so i had to start ALL OVER. That sucked.

so. i added regular ole mustard out of my fridge and any spices (that were bug free) and made sense. I just dashed most of them. I had some dry vermouth left from another recipe awhile back. i started with 2 tb but added a few extra splashes as it cooked. as the potatoes got nice and soft i crunched them up with my spoon into bits instead of the slices you see here.

now. and this is important. when making cream soups you need to keep it at a nice even temp and not let it get too hot or it seperates. still tastes good, but looks rather disgusting.  since i'm a damn goldfish i went up stairs for something. ended up putting all of my laundry away, came down 20 minutes later and remembered "oh yeah, i'm making SOUP!". my soup got too hot. it seperated. it still tasted good.

i ate most of it that night. and the rest for breakfast in the morning. in the future, i'll triple that recipe. i like soup to LAST.

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