Monday, January 16, 2012

back to the start.

so. for several years ive had a few issues going on. A) i've been increasingly gaining weight, and b)I've had an ongoing back issue. I've intermittently worked out. I'm not good at staying disciplined and i wasn't financially able to go anywhere where they would demand I stay disciplined. I knew if i could afford to work with a trainer, I might be able to really help my back. BUT. That wasnt possible.

So, recently my sister decided to fairy godmother me in the interest of physical and mental health and bought me 6 weeks with her trainer.

Today was day one. It was hard. but it felt good. Jason really took a lot of time asking me how everything was feeling and stretching me out at the end of the session.  Stretching me out he was able to see what muscles pulled and how badly. i have some serious flexibility issues. lots of tight muscles. I'm sure all of that has been contributing to the injury i sustained on my back and probably hasnt helped my knee issues either.

my muscles are very fatigued and my back is a little sore. I'll stretch really well tonight. as is my way i'm really wanting to get in some more cardio (more more faster results!) but I'll wait until tomorrow to let my muscles rest. i'll stretch and ice and heat and see how i'm feeling tomorrow. I'll do my best to blog the experience.

my goals: I'd really like to be down 20 lbs. but Jason says I really need to not focus on the numbers.
I'd like to have abs. real abs again and lose this dough i've gained from too much good beer.
i want my body to feel strong, not rickety.
I want to improve my mental and physical health. no really. i do.

i want to be hot again.

so there you go. Day one.
wish me luck!

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